Fitness Clubs and Memberships

Professional Society Activities

To widen your knowledge and expand your mind, Accenture encourages you to subscribe to professional societies or associations. Where these subscriptions are related to your profession, Accenture will cover the cost of two subscriptions.

In order for membership subscriptions to be charged to professional society dues, they must be approved by a managing director or DTE lead. If you receive publications as part of the membership, they should be made available to the Knowledge Centre, if not retained personally.

Golf Club Membership

Accenture encourages executives to use golf to actively participate in their local business communities. Where golf club memberships meet specific business criteria, Accenture will pay for entrance fees and annual subscriptions (up to a maximum of R6 000 per annum altogether).

To receive approval for a golf club membership please submit an application, together with your handicap, in writing to the OG Lead.